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The art of doing nothing like the others: here is Felicia. She interprets in a singular way the hit song "Get Lucky" by the band Daft Punk and by which she demonstrates her undeniable talent and her great imagination.

A project that wants to show a new facet, a new vision of a classic without taking away its essence. Felicia succeeds in this challenge and infuses an intense and tangible intensity, without taking herself too seriously with her special interpretation of the original version of Daft Punk's Get Lucky.

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Main Girl - Charlotte Cardin (Félicia Caux live cover)
Sometimes, All The Time - Charlotte Cardin & Loud (Cover Félicia Caux)
Lonely -Justin Bieber (Félicia Co & Pier-Olivier Falardeau cover)

(Daft Punk cover)

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Born to a singer-songwriter father, Felicia has been immersed in music since her early childhood. Every day, she sits at the piano and sings for hours. She made her debut in show business with her participation to « La Voix Junior » at the age of 12 and was part of Marie-Mai’s team. Two years later, she auditioned and got selected to join the group Cool Kids with 5 other members. The Cool Kids got the opportunity to sing all the songs for the animated serie Snowsnaps (Mini-Tuques in French) broadcasted on Teletoon, Treehouse and Disney and distributed in more than 21 countries. *The soundtrack of the animated series, in both its French and English version, is available online.. The group also performed two songs for the animated movie Snowtime 2/Racetime (La Course des Tuques), distributed in over 200 countries. The film's musical score won best album at the 2019 ADISQ awards. As the members of the group get older Cool Kids becomes NCK. Because of their undeniable talent and visibility, an animated television show is produced based on the group, «NCK en coulisses», in which they perform new songs and dub the voices of their avatar. With NCK, Felicia performs in more than 70 shows across Quebec and gains a lot of experience despite her young age.

Felicia distinguishes herself by her distinct alto voice and performances full of warmth and intensity. Like all young adults, Felicia is trying to find her place and her way. She best expresses herself through art. Multi-talented, in her free time, she also likes to paint. Whether she is painting or singing, Felicia is an artist in all aspects of her life


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